Finned tube elements   Tubular heating elements.   Open coil electric duct heaters   Tubular element duct heaters Order now

Flat heating elements   Clamp heaters   Cartridge heating elements      High performance nozzle loop clamps   Shielded heating elements for plastic injection molding Order now

Screw plug heating elements     Flanged immersion heaters   Portable immersion heaters   Teflon (PTFE) and titanium tubular heaters for use in chemically aggressive environments     Immersion heaters used in the electroplating industry, made from stainless steel, titanium, quartz glass, and teflon. IP67 protection     Thermostatic immersion heaters Order now

Silicone rubber/fiber glass band drum heaters

Base heater for drums. Robust Steel construction with 0ºC to 150ºC thermostat.   Silicone rubber/fiber glass band drum heaters. Moisture and chemical resistant. 0ºC to 120ºC thermostat. Standard sizes: 25L, 50L, 105L y 200L.   Jacket heaters for plastic drums. Teflon and polyester manufactured. 0ºC to 90ºC thermostat. Standard sizes: 25L, 50L, 105L y 200L. […]

Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements are used in a diverse range of industrial processes where long wave infrared radiation is required. They are used in the area of animal / pet healthcare too. The ceramic infrared heaters (emitters) are manufactured with three basic emitter faces: Trough (concave), flat and bulb or Edison screw element for normal […]

Sensores y termopares

- All kinds of digital sensors and thermocouples to measure temperatures. – Sensor mountings: all kinds of diameters and lengths, with welded, bayonet or normalized connectors, watertight connectors, etc… Order now

Resistencias Kanthal

Heating elements made out of Kanthal wires generally in the form of coils for laboratory or industrial furnaces. Order now

ceramic cartridge heaters

- Heating coils mounted on cylindrical insulators or multi – hole refractory ceramics – Open coil ceramic cartridge heaters Order now